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April 28, 2017, 04:05:11 AM

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by OrlandoPat on October 28, 2006, 11:00:00 PM

Check em out!

Miniatures (Historical and Otherwise)

  • Central Florida Garrison
    This one is a yahoo group set up to support the Tac. Edge - a great gaming store Winter Haven/Lakeland
  • Don’t roll a one (this link is broken, if anyone has information on this group, please let us know.)
    A group of Fantasy/Sci-Fi and Historical miniature wargame players who meet at Downtown Comics in Winter Haven.
  • Historical Miniature Gaming Society (South)
    Historical miniatures can be a lot of fun. HMGS-South also runs some conventions where you can go give different games a try..
  • South Florida Gamers Association
    These guys have some great game-photos on their site.
  • The Gladiator Club (this link is broken, if anyone has information on this group, please let us know.)
    A tabletop wargaming club based out of Kissimmee.
  • Orange County Choppas This is a great group mostly playing Warhammer Fantasy, 40k, Bloodbowl and Lord of the Rings
  • Necropolis Yahoo Group mostly dedicated to the Games Workshop series of games, hosts a large Fantasy Tournament each year
  • Alarum Florida Yahoo Group mostly for games published by Games Workshop


Role Playing

  • Dark Embrace (Website)
    If you like the White Wolf's world of darkness campaign setting and rules (Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, etc.), you have to check this site out. Even if you don't like White Wolf, check it out. Wow. I mean, seriously. Wow.
  • Lakeland Role Playing Guild (Website & Yahoo Group)
    These guys look really impressive. Based on their event calendar, they win the prize for "most active group". Great to see a group doing so well!
    5/2007 Update: I don't know what happened to them. Their web site is down and I can't find them anywhere. Does anyone know?
  • UCF Gamers Club I think it is actually called the "UCF Table Top Gaming Club", but its web site is a bit outdated, so I'm not sure.
  • FRAG Orlando  Frag's Yahoo Group. These guys run a lot of the games at the local cons.
  • Here is our Principality for Living City.
  • Orlando Roleplaying Cooperative Yahoo Group



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